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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Practice questions

STUDY GUIDE, which is free to download of the ASTRO website. Has hundreds of BoF type questions. It is really helpful and I think it would be unwise not to use this. I must have read through this all twice and some parts for a third time. Currently their web site seems to be having maintenance and you can't access it. Keep on checking. I will post the link as soon as it is available again.

RAPHEX questions & Answer booklets are good for Physics. Again these are BoF too. I got hold of these from my local Physics department who had a whole lot of these from previous years. They don't seem to have a website like ASTRO. Amazon seem to know of its existence, but don't have any in stock at the moment. I think your best bet is trying your local library and Physics department. I will do a bit more investigating to see how individuals can get hold of these


T said...

hi, thanks for putting up this blog.
What about statistics questions? My local department has nothing, we're the first to do the course here and we basically had to gather suitably qualified ppl together to get lectures done. So, I'd appreciate anything you can offer.
Twesi, RTD, KPH, Jamaica

FRCR said...

Hi Twesi. Thanks for coming to the blog. Sorry to hear that your dept has nothing. I also found the FRCR very frustrating, with little available to help me through. That is why I set this up. I will do my best to be helpful. In the next few weeks I will be adding alot more to the blog as I have some time off work. I will try and sort out some statistics questions. Keep in touch. Good Luck. Stephen

T said...

Thanks Stephen. Looking forward to it. :-)